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Pricing: Free - £10/Hr

We Have two options for a consultation you can either do a Free online consultation which involves skype or something similar like Google hangouts or we can meet face to face which will consist of £20/Hr, usually, a consultation does not take longer than One Hour.

After you Are Happy and want to proceed with Web Stitch, We will discuss all of the services and payments once we are both happy, Web Stitch will ask for half of the money before we start the process via a bank transfer, this is due to insurance reasons.

Once everything has been completed and you are happy, we will ask for the other half of the payment, web stitch will send you 2 receipts in total for the 2 payments, unless it is a subscription package then we will send you a receipt monthly.


Pricing: Varies

The website package includes unlimited web pages which are all at a minimum created using HTML5, CSS3 & Javascript. All websites are optimised for mobile phones, tablets & computers.

With this package, you will get a free Experience Design of your website. A Website usually takes 2 weeks to build, sometimes longer depending on what the client wants but please feel free to contact us if you have any questions on this.

The first step in creating a website for you is to design it, the design usually takes 2 - 4 days depending on how big the website is, once you are happy with the design, we will start coding the website, once it is coded and you are happy with the outcome, we will either transfer it to you if you wish to go to another hosting service.

Or If you wish to stay with Web Stitch, we will put it online with a free HTTPS SSL certificate using ower own servers.

Landing Page

Pricing: £100

Here At Web Stitch, whatever your budget we have your back!

With the landing page package, you will get the basics you need for your website! It consists of just one page that will have everything you need!

For example, this could have a contact form and an about us selection. Please message us for more information. Typically a landing page does not take long to do as it is only one page.

Website Design

Pricing: £40.00 - £130.00

Web Design is very important if you wish to build a website or have plans for a new website, just like a building you need blueprints, well for a website you also need a blueprint.

Web Stitch Mostly creates there designs in Adobe Experience Design(XD), which is in a way a powerpoint but for web designers. Which will make all of the design be animated so it looks like a real website, a website design usually takes 1 to 2 days but sometimes longer, it varies how big the project is.

We also use Adobe Photoshop/illustrator for any extra graphics you would like to add to your website, like a logo for example.

Website Maintenance

Pricing: £20.00/Hour Or Free

If you are a new client with a website Web Stitch has not built, we will charge £15/Hr to update or modify your 3rd party website as you wish...

We Can update your website for free if Web Stitch have already built you a website (within reason of course).


Pricing: £25.00

We use Adobe Photoshop to ensure our clients are getting the best graphic design software to bring their ideas to life for their business.

Please Go On My Work Page To See Some Designs Or Go Onto My Facebook Page WebStitchUK

Flyers/Leaflets Design

Pricing: £15.00

We also Design leaflets for your clients. We Design the leaflets in Adobe Photoshop. Are you tired of the same old leaflet designs? Well look no further Web Stitch is here to help...

For Only £20 You could have a leaflet design that is effective to your market!

Business Card Design

Pricing: £9.99

Do you want an effective eye-candy business card to attract your new potential clients? Well, good news! Web Stitch Can Make you an effective, bespoke business card for the price of only £15!


Website Hosting

Pricing: £6.99/Month Or £60 For 12 Months

At web stitch, we can host your website using secure HTTPS servers. We use a company called Siteground which have one of the best if not the best customer feedback compared to Bluehost, GoDaddy and much more! Please do not just take our word for it, google them and have a look for yourself!

Your website will be scanned weekly for viruses or potential threats to make sure your website has no complications.

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